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  • Animal Crossing Cat Costumes

    Animal Crossing Cat Costumes

    Now you don’t need to send new clothes to your animal friends in game to play Animal Crossing. Cosplay your little kitty up as Tom Nook with his signature t-shirt and a hooded hat in his likeness. We’re sure your cat will love it!

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  • Fullmetal Alchemist Lighter

    Fullmetal Alchemist Lighter

    By the rules of equivalent exchange this flip top style lighter transmutes lighter fluid into a flame! Roy Mustang’s transmutation circle is etched on one side and the Ouroboros on the other. A must have for any Fullmetal Alchemist fan!

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  • Pokedex Switch Game Case

    Pokedex Switch Game Case

    Hold your Nintendo Switch games like a true Pokemon Master! This 3D printed cartridge case is perfect for Pokemon fans to take on their travels and includes sixteen slots to hold your prefered party of games.

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  • Gameboy Cartridge Soap

    Gameboy Cartridge Soap

    Impress house guests and retro gamers alike with these life-size Gameboy soap bars! These parody cartridge soaps come in a variety of fragrances to suit each game title, finished off with a high quality label and to give your bathroom a hint of nostalgia.

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  • Miniature Pokemon Card Keycaps

    Miniature Pokemon Card Keycaps

    Does your mechanical keyboard have a custom escape key yet? If you’re a Pokemon fan you will want to check out these custom made miniature Trading Card keycaps! Available in many Pokemon with the option to custom order any card.

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  • Bowser Tortoise Outfit

    Super Mario Koopa Tortoise Outfit

    Start your own personal army of darkness by transforming your pet turtle into a minion of evil! This King Koopa Trooper cozy is hand knitted to fit snugly over your pet’s shell. Just don’t jump on it or throw at anyone…

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  • Chonky Cat Candle

    Chonky Cat Candle

    This absolute chonker of a cat is in candle form! These grumpy looking cat candles are made with all natural soy and bees wax. Makes a unique gift for any cat fan and are available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances.

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  • Stackable Tetris Lamp

    Stackable Tetris Lamp

    Unlike in the actual game – when you make a straight line these blocks won’t disappear! These interlocking Tetris blocks contain super bright LED lights that activate when they’re stacked together in any way imaginable. The possibilities are endless!

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  • Pokemon Hand Cream/Lip Balm Set

    Pokemon Hand Cream and Lip Balm Set

    These Pokemon lip balm and hand cream sets cover your everyday beauty care needs, but do it in a cute style of your favorite Pocket Monsters! All made from natural ingredients. Just choose the character you like best – or even better, catch ’em all!

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  • Empty Pokemon Pill Bottles

    Pokemon Pill Bottles

    These empty pill bottles are the perfect way for a Pokemon Master to store their hyper potion pills. These custom made containers come in ranging from Psyduck’s headache pills, to Munchlax’s antacids.

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  • Legend of Zelda DnD Dice Set

    Bring some Hylian flair into your next Dungeons and Dragons game with this Zelda themed dice set! Available to order individual dices separately, you can also complete the set with a Legend of Zelda themed dice box!

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  • Hats For Cats

    Hats For Cats

    Want to make your furry friend even more adorable? This cute series of kitty caps features many different animal designs! Have your camera ready, because when a cat is this cute, it’s a must-share on Instagram.

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  • Rice Cooker Lunchbox

    Living alone and just want a quick portion of rice for your dinner when you come back from work? This super-fast rice cooker helps you enjoy your in just 14 minutes. Besides being a cooker, it also doubles as a lunchbox for you to take to work.

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  • Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pins

    Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Pins

    Introducing the Pintendo Switch! Your favourite Nintendo console has morphed into miniature joy-con pins! These pins can either be ore red separately or as a full the full console! The perfect addition to any gamer’s pin collection!

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  • Unown Pokemon Fridge Magnets

    Unown Pokemon Fridge Magnets

    Leave secret messages in the kitchen with a set of magnets that only a true Pokemon Master can decode! Memories of countless hours trying to catch these guys will soon be recovered when you decorate your fridge with this set of Unown magnets.

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  • Super Mario Boo Shoe Horn

    Super Mario Boo Shoe Horn

    Boo wants to help you put your shoes on! Boo’s tongue is actually a metal shoe horn is held up in his mouth with magnets. Simply detach the tongue to slip on your shoes with ease. It doubles up as cool gamer decor!

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