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Shut Up And Take My Yen Banner 2222222Shut Up And Take My Yen is a free online magazine run by weeaboos who spend way too much time watching anime and playing video games. If we were to gather all 7 dragon balls, our first wish would be to become Japanese, second is for our waifu to become human, and lastly, we would wish to bring Krillin back to life.

We will display only the best Anime, Gaming and Japanese related merchandise you wish you had the money to buy. Many items listed on this site return a small commission for referral. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Although, this isn’t our only reason for posting a product. We will post anything and everything amazing that we know viewers will enjoy. Whether they can afford it or not!

We do take requests for getting your products or items you think belong on here. Just please note that we do not actually sell or carry any of the products listed on this site ourselves.

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