Yu-Gi-Oh Gifts & Merchandise

A collection of the latest Yu-Gi-Oh merchandise you can buy online! Includes products such as replicas, games and accessories inspired by your favorite anime characters. You won’t believe some of the Yu-Gi-Oh gifts we find online that will have you reaching for your wallet!

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  • Blue Eyes White Dragon Rug

    Yu Gi Oh Blue Eyes White Dragon Rug

    Send your old rug to the Shadow Realm when you decorate your home with a Blue Eyes White Dragon rug! This eye-catching rug accurately replicates the look of Seto Kaiba’s signature card and is made with a velvet surface and a non-slip base.

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  • Metal Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Cards

    Custom Metal Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Cards

    Introducing the ultimate duelist’s accessory: metal engraved Yu-Gi-Oh credit cards! Summon your purchasing power at lightning speed when you show your dedication to the game and your status as a true master of the art of spending.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Pot of Greed Mug

    Yu-Gi-Oh Pot of Greed Tankard

    It’s time to send your old mugs and teacups into the Shadow Realm! These Pot of Green mugs are perfect for filling with tea or coffee. They also make an excellent display piece until until you’re thirsty or need to draw 2 cards.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Card Lighter Cases

    Yu-Gi-Oh Lighter Case

    Never hesitate again when someone asks to borrow your lighter with these super flashy Yu-Gi-Oh card sleeves! The heavy duty metal covers each come with a classic card design to make sure you stand out at the smoker’s corner.

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  • Yu Gi Oh Credit Card Skin

    Yu Gi Oh Credit Card Skin

    Will you be paying for that in attack or defense mode? Send your money to the Shadow Realm with a Yu-Gi-Oh credit card skin! Make any purchase a little more fun and nostalgic with a simple and easy to apply Yu-Gi-Oh card decal.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Clock

    Yu-Gi-Oh Clock

    It’s time to du-du-du-DUEL!!! Decorate any room in your home or office with this 10 inch Yu-Gi-Oh inspired wall clock. The next time someone asks you what the time is, they better have their dueling decks on them!

    $30.00 Check it out!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Life Size Millennium Puzzle

    Yu-Gi-Oh Life Size Millennium Puzzle

    If you consider yourself the king of games, show the world you’re are a believer in the heart of the cards and ready to duel anyone, anytime with this life sized Millennium Puzzle replica! The perfect gift idea for the avid Duelist in your life.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Gauntlet Glove

    Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Gauntlet

    This Dueling Glove even comes with removable star chips! This Yu-Gi-Oh Dueling Gauntlet includes a red half-finger glove and ten magnetic star chips that can be attached and removed easily. A must have for any Yu-Gi-Oh cosplay!

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Pins

    Yu-Gi-Oh Pins

    Send your cash to the Shadow Realm when you order a bunch of these epic Yu-Gi-Oh pins! These custom made pins are made from high quality enamel and are available in all your favorite Duelists, Monsters and Trap Cards.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Kuriboh Plush

    Yu-Gi-Oh Kuriboh Plush

    Kuriboh may have low stats that prevent him from being able to hold his own, but outside battle, this little hairball makes an excellent cuddle buddy! The fun-loving plush has a soft round belly and measures 14 inches from head to toe.

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Exodia Credit Card Skin

    Yu-Gi-Oh Exodia Credit Card Skin

    IT’S TIME TO S-S-S-S-SPEND! Send your money to the Shadow Realm with this Exodia credit card skin. Make any purchase a little more fun with a simple and easy to apply Yu-Gi-Oh card decal. Perfect for anime fans that likes to shop!

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  • Custom Wooden Yu Gi Oh Cards

    Custom Wooden Yu Gi Oh Cards

    Stay one step ahead of the game by adding a cool flair to your ever growing trading card collection! This custom made, shadow box Yu-Gi-Oh card is wood burned front and back and even comes with its own little stand.

    $80.00 Check it out!
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium Puzzle Bank

    Yu Gi Oh Millennium Puzzle Bank 2

    IT’S TIME TO S-S-S-S-SAVE! This collectible Millennium Puzzle piggy bank is the perfect way for Duelists to save their spare change! Beautifully detailed, painted and ideal for Yu-Gi-Oh fans of all ages!

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Millennium Puzzle Keycap

    Yu-Gi-Oh Keycap

    If you consider yourself the king of games, then your keyboard will also need to show for it! This custom made 3D Millennium Puzzle keycap will make the perfect addition to the keyboard of any Duel Monster fan.

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  • Adult Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

    Adult Yu-Gi-Oh Cards

    Imagine pulling out one of these cards in a duel! These fan made Yu-Gi-Oh cards and are probably not tournament legal but are fun for casual duels or the deviant card collector. They’re available in holographic versions too!

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh Hair Bow

    Take a fashion tip from the king of card games and send your closet to the Shadow Realm! This cute Yu-Gi-Oh inspired hair bow is the perfect accessory for either you, or the the avid duelist in your life. It’s time to A-A-A-ACCESSORIZE!

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