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  • PS5 Controller Alarm Clock

    PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock

    This PS5 controller alarm clock will waking up in time after staying up all night playing God of War. This PlayStation controller displays the time along with alarm settings. It lights up and is easy to set up using the controller buttons

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  • Player 1 & Player 2 Gamer Rings

    Player 1 & Player 2 Gamer Rings

    These geeky rings are perfect for any gamer couple! They make the ideal gift idea for you and your player 2. They also have the option to be ordered with glow in the dark pigments so your rings glow while you game together all night!

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  • PlayStation Decorative Light

    PlayStation Decorative Light

    Light up any room with the instantly recognizable symbols and icons from the PlayStation. This stylish PlayStation light will create a great conversation starter at your next party or game night with its soft colorful glow.

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  • Potion Bottle Light

    Potion Bottle Light

    Give your bedroom or workspace a magical touch with this color changing LED potion lamp. Ideal for RPG fans of all types, this Minecraft desk light can alternate between eight lively colors that alternate when you shake the bottle!

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  • PlayStation Bento Box

    PlayStation Bento Box

    This official Sony PlayStation lunchbox takes the look of the original PlayStation and converts it into a bento box. The PlayStation lunch box will give retro gamers a dose of nostalgia bomb when they eat their lunch at work.

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  • Game Over Mug

    Game Over Coffee Mug

    Bring video games out of the TV screen and into your home or office space with this game over coffee mug! Designed to imitate the look and feel of a gaming controller, this mug makes the ultimate gift for any video gamer!

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  • Sword Cheese Grater

    Zelda Sword Cheese Grater

    It’s dangerous to cook alone… This sword shaped cheese grater belongs in every gamer’s kitchen! Grating does not need to be a battle when this 100% functional grater will make fun and easy work when preparing meals.

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  • Game Over/Continue Playing Coin

    Game Over Continue Playing Coin

    Use this unique flip coin will help you to decide if you should play one more game or go to bed! This 35mm coin is crafted from solid brass detailed knurling, making it the ideal gift idea for gamers who need a little help to turn off the console.

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  • PlayStation 4 Alarm Clock

    Playstation 4 Alarm Clock

    Start off your day ready to game with this PlayStation alarm clock! The unique clock features the classic Dual Shock 4 controller with the iconic button symbols you use to set up the time, date and alarms. Perfect gift for any gamer!

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  • Geeky Wedding Cake Toppers

    Geeky Wedding Cake Toppers

    Are you and your partner a geeky couple? Then style your big day like that! This geeky cake topper incorporates every 90’s child favorite past time with a reminder that the groom may have to cut back on those all night gaming sessions.

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  • Finger Dance Machine

    Finger Dance Machine

    This is a mini retro-style dance machine, for your fingers! Stretch out your weary hands after a long hard day typing at work. Simply pair with a free app to access songs with different speeds and complexities.

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  • NES Cartridge Coasters

    Wooden NES Cartridge Coasters

    Add the perfect geeky touch to any bar or kitchen with these NES cartridge coasters everyone will be talking about! Made from wood and finished with colored artwork, these punny coasters of are inspired by some of your favorite retro games.

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  • Switch Warp Pipe Game Case

    Nintendo Switch Warp Pipe Cartridge Case

    Store your cartridges in style with this neat Warp Pipe shaped cartridge case! It holds a whopping 18 cartridges while creating a neat display piece to place on your desk or shelf. It’s also big enough to hold an Amiibo on top!

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  • Dragon Quest Baby Outfit Set

    Dragon Quest Baby Outfit Set

    Celebrate the arrival of your new dragon-fighting hero with a Dragon Quest costume! The set includes babywear, rattle, as well as a memory book for documenting developments. A great gift for when he comes of age at 16, ready to start questing!

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  • D20 Gamer Dice Soap

    D20 Gamer Dice Soap

    Roll a critical blow to filth and grime on your body with this geeky D20 dice shaped soap! House guests will have fun while cleaning their hands and admire you when they see how cool your bathroom soap choices are.

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  • Among Us Self Watering Planters

    Among Us Self Watering Planters

    These special planters absorb water from the bottom reservoir using a wick. Just lift up the top half of the Crewmate to fill your planter with water. You could buy a bunch of them and use fake plants in the Imposter! Red is sus.

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