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Final Fantasy Merchandise & Gifts

A collection of the latest Final Fantasy merchandise you can buy online! Includes products such as jewelry, keychains and retro gaming gear inspired by your favorite characters and items from the games. You won’t believe some of the Final Fantasy gifts we find online that will have you reaching for your wallet!


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  • Final Fantasy Buster Sword

    Final Fantasy Buster Sword

    Bust some heads as you strike down enemies with this replica of Cloud’s legendary weapon. This full metal Buster Sword stands at approximately 56 inches and creates the ideal Final Fantasy collectors item that’ll look great hung up on any wall.

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  • Final Fantasy Cactuar Planter

    Final Fantasy Cactuar Planter

    Take a break from video games and get in touch with nature by brightening up your home decor with Cactuar! This recurring enemy from the Final Fantasy series makes the only acceptable planter for your cactus.

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  • Final Fantasy Bookmark

    Final Fantasy Bookmark

    Would you like to save your progress? It’s a question you’ve probably answered hundreds of times while playing games but probably never when reading! The perfect way to save reading progress for any Final Fantasy or RPG gamer.

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  • Final Fantasy Buster Sword Necklace

    Final Fantasy Buster Sword Necklace

    Cloud Strife needs some help wielding his massive Buster Sword! Final Fantasy fans can now wear a miniature broadsword pendant around their neck! Although it’s made from stainless steel, it’s not quite as heavy as the real thing!

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  • Final Fantasy Doormat

    Greet incoming guests by displaying your inner geeky side with this RPG menu doormat! Replicating the style of the old Final Fantasy menus, visitors are left with a choice of four moves to make when arriving at your door.

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  • Final Fantasy Keyring Hanger

    Final Fantasy Keyring Hanger

    This keyring hanger is inspired by one of the most famous RPGs of all time! The laser cut and engraved mount comes with three pixelated 8-bit character keychains from Final Fantasy VII. Don’t leave home without Cloud, Barret or Tifa!

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  • Final Fantasy Cutting Board Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Final Fantasy Cutting Board

    Select your weapon and increase cutting accuracy! This wooden cutting board comes skillfully sculptured into the shape of a classic Final Fantasy NES cartridge. An ideal geeky accessory for your kitchen!

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  • Health And Mana Potion Necklace Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Health And Mana Potion Necklaces

    Even experienced gamers need to carry extra potions to survive the corridors of Diablo or the dungeons of World of Warcraft. By keeping a set close around your neck you’ll ensure you can always get out of sticky situations.

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