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  • Pokemon Food Pins

    Pokemon Food Pins

    Have you defeated every Gym Leader and still have some room left to fill on your jacket? Look no further than these hilarious Pokemon pins! Each comes in a parody of your favorite Pokemon mashed up with delicious snacks and treats.

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  • 3D Printed Pokemon Skulls

    Pokemon Skull Replicas

    Add an unusual ornament to any desk or shelf space with the remains of Pokemon who didn’t quite make it to a Pokemon Center. These skulls are 3D printed, then textured and painted by hand which means each one is completely unique.

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  • Pokemon LED Pokeball Shift Knobs

    Laser Etched Pokeball Shift Knob

    Show the world that you can drive like the very best when you mod your ride with a laser etched Pokeball shift knob! Thread types available to fit most manual transmissions with the option to get a USB powered LED addon!

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  • Thicc Pokemon Cards

    Thicc Pokemon Cards

    Are you in need of the perfect gift for a Pokemon lover? These hilariously thicc Pokemon cards are the perfect gift for that collector in your life who already has everything! All of these cards are holographic and some come with funny attack moves!

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  • Pikathulhu Crochet Plush

    Pikathulhu Crochet Plush

    PIKA, PIKACHUUUUUUUUUULHUUUUUUUU. What better way to introduce kids to the horrors of Lovecraft than with the adorable-yet-disturbing combination of Cthulhu and Pikachu? It’s a match made in Pokemon nightmares!

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  • Pokemon Smart Speaker Stands

    Pokemon Smart Speaker Stands

    Alexa, use Boomburst! Available in both Amazon Echo and Google Home, these custom made stands will transform your boring hockey puck smart home devices into a stylish Pokemon that listens and talks back to you.

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  • Buff Pokemon Coloring Book

    Buff Pokemon Coloring Book

    Beautiful, buff Pokemon! This unique coloring book features a collection of seriously funny looking illustrations of your favorite Pokemon you can color in. Color these super buff Pokemon in as their regular colors or as shinies!

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  • Pokemon Keycaps

    Pokemon Keycaps

    Pokemon fans couldn’t ask for a better keyboard once they’re decked out with these Pokemon keycaps! Each cap is made in the style of one of your favourite original starters, making them the perfect companion for your office or study!

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  • Pokemon Graduation Cards

    Pokemon Graduation Cards

    Congratulations! These card certifies you’ve passed the test by Professor Oak and have graduated! These custom made Pokemon graduation trading cards are double sized and are come in a variety of holo/non holo designs.

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  • Pokemon Onesies

    Pokemon Onesies

    Style yourself just like your favorite companion by slipping into one of these adorable Pokemon onesies! Not only can you keep around the house, you may also attract wild Pokemon nearby to your location when playing Pokemon Go!

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  • Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

    Pikachu Coin Bank

    What better way is there to save all your hard earned Pokedollars than with this adorable Pikachu coin bank! Place spare change on top of Pikachu’s box and watch him swipe away your coins for safe keeping.

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  • Custom Pokemon Resin Spacebar Keycap

    Pokemon Resin Spacebar Keycap

    Assemble four of your favorite Pokemon in a custom personalized spacebar! Designed to be attachable to any mechanical keyboard, these custom made resin keycaps feature Pokemon of your choosing surrounded by an environment of their element.

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