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  • Pokemon Easter Eggs

    Pokemon Easter Eggs

    These Easter Eggs are like a chocolate surprise, except instead of finding a creamy filling, you get a cute Pokemon starter. The 3D printed figures are the ultimate mashup of two beloved childhood pastimes: collecting Easter eggs and Pokemon!

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  • Pokemon Resin Lamp

    Pokemon Resin Lamps

    Decorate your bedroom or gaming lounge with one of these impressive Pokemon night lights! Handmade with an interesting application of epoxy resin art, these lamps will create a stunning environment for any Pokemon fan’sΒ home!

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  • Tiny Ugly Pokemon

    Tiny Ugly Pokemon Figures

    Get a tiny ugly Pokemon to brighten your day! These little figures make great desk buddies or something fun to carry around in your pocket. They’re handmade with polymer clay and acrylic paint with expressions picked at random by the artist.

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  • Miniature Pokemon Card Keycaps

    Miniature Pokemon Card Keycaps

    Does your mechanical keyboard have a custom escape key yet? If you’re a Pokemon fan you will want to check out these custom made miniature Trading Card keycaps! Available in many Pokemon with the option to custom order any card.

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  • Pokemon Charmander Tea Light Holder

    Charmander Tea Light Holder

    Evolve your workspace with your very own starter companion! This sleeping Charmander fake tealight holder perfectly recreates the scene from the episode when Ash finds a stray Charmander. Show your love of fire types!

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  • Derpy Pokemon Figures

    Derpy Pokemon Figures

    These super derpy-looking Pokemon are the perfect gift to Pokemon fans who already has everything! These 3D printed figures can be chosen from your favorite starters and come in two different sizes. So cute and funny, gotta derp ’em all!

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  • Charmander Candle Holder

    Charmander Candle Holder

    BrightenΒ up your room just like a true Pokemon Master would with theΒ Charmander candle holder! The cleverly designed ceramic figure allows you to place a small candle at the end of Charmander’s tail that acts as his flame!

    $39.00 Check it out!