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Super Mario Merchandise & Gifts

A collection of the latest Super Mario merchandise you can buy online! Includes products inspired by your favorite characters and items from the Mushroom Kingdom. You won’t believe some of the Super Mario gifts we find online that will have you reaching for your wallet!


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  • Super Mario Bob-Omb Tissue Holder

    Bob-Omb Tissue Holder

    The Bob-omb tissue holder is the perfect home accessory for gaming nights with friends or alone. Bob-omb is your ally rather than just a scary explosive that follows you around the game. He is stylish and practical!

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  • Super Mario Boo Lamp

    Super Mario Boo Lamp

    Give yourself a fright, and brighten up your room with this fun 3D Boo light! This lamp features Boo, one of the scarier villains from the Super Mario franchise and makes a great piece of memorabilia and gift for fans of the game.

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  • Super Mario Question Block Lamp

    Super Mario Question Block Lamp

    While this lamp may not contain Fire Flowers, coins or mushrooms, it’s perfect for adding some Super Mario flair to your home. The Question Block lamp gives off a bright, nostalgic glow and works well hanged over any couch or table.

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  • Super Mario Monopoly

    Super Mario Monopoly

    Love Monopoly? Love Mario? Now you can play with both at the same time! Instead of standard Monopoly tokens, the game features Super Mario characters, each with their own special gameplay abilities. Buy properties, collect coins, and beat bosses to win!

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  • Mario Kart Trophies

    Mario Kart Trophies

    It’s about time that you finally rewarded yourself for tearing up the race track with your mad Mario Kart skills! These 3D printed Mario Kart trophies create the perfect addition to any shelf of an experienced Nintendo fan.

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  • Super Mario Cat Complex

    Super Mario Cat Complex

    If you love your cat as much as saving Princess Peach, you’ll want to take a look at this! The Super Mario cat complex is a wall-mounted kitty playground that includes warp pipes and a mystery box to entertain cats for hours.

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  • Power-Up Heart Pint Glass Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Power-Up Heart Pint Glasses

    This set of four drinking glasses let you know how much power you have left! Hearts fill up when cold beverages are added, and when your drink gets warm or empty, they’ll start to fade. That’s when you know it’s time to refresh your drink!

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  • Super Mario Boo Bean Bag Chair

    Boo Bean Bag Chair

    Boo may be one of the most recognizable baddies in the entire Super Mario franchise, but this one doesn’t want you to think of it as an enemy. It just wants to snuggle with you! But it’s pretty shy, so you should probably wait for it to make the first move.

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  • Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers

    Piranha Plant Slippers

    Keep your feet warm during those Nintendo gaming sessions! These Piranha Plant slippers come in a Warp Pipe stand that will turn the set into a unique decorative item whenever you store the slippers, and of course they look amazing on your feet.

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  • Super Mario Rolling Pin

    Super Mario Molded Rolling Pin

    Step up your game in the kitchen by powering up your next baking session a touch of Super Mario! Emboss cookies, pies and fondants with Mushroom Kingdom characters featuring Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, and more.

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  • Mario Kart Tournament Placement Medals

    Mario Kart Placement Medals

    These medals will make sure any competitor at your next Mario Kart night will feel like a champion! Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just starting out, these medals are a must-have for any Mario Kart tournament.

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  • Super Mario Bath Bombs

    Super Mario Bath Bombs

    Take a trip down memory lane while you soak in tub with these Super Mario themed bath bombs! They’ll transport you straight to the Mushroom Kingdom, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to rescue Princess Peach!

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