Sailor Moon

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  • Sailor Moon Crystal Star Leggings

    Sailor Moon Leggings

    Please your inner Magical Girl by insertingĀ these Sailor Moon leggings into your wardrobe. Each pair features a gorgeous customĀ design of Crystal StarĀ symbols that’ll have you falling in love the first time you put them on.

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  • Sailor Moon Perfume

    Sailor Moon Perfume

    Harness the power of the moon and smell absolutely amazing with theĀ Sailor Moon Miracle Romance perfume! This limited addition fragrance comes in a very elegant and luxurious bottle, topped with rhinestones and gold plating.

    $84.30 Check it out!
  • Sailor Moon Nails

    Sailor Moon Nails

    No Magical Girl has the time to grow and maintain nails when they’re busy fighting evil by moonlight. Equip yourselfĀ with a setĀ of Sailor Moon acrylic nails the next time you decide toĀ dishĀ out justiceĀ in the name of the moon!

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  • Sailor Moon Bags

    Sailor Moon Bag

    Fashionable fans of the Sailor Moon series can now have their own Guardian Cat watch over their belongings. These charming catĀ bags come in either a Luna or Artemis design, each one sporting the gold Sailor Moon emblem on the front.

    $15.99 Check it out!
  • Sailor Moon Luna Neck Pillow

    Sailor Moon Luna Neck Pillow

    Luna is taking a break from being Sailor Moon’s companion and mentor to bring youĀ comfort on your travels. This durable and soft neck pillow, lets you show your Sailor Spirit wherever you adventure,Ā or justĀ for a snuggle at home!

    $38.00 Check it out!
  • Sailor Moon Cat Ear Hats

    Sailor Moon Snapback Hat Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    The Sailor Moon cat ear hat is absolutely purrrfect for channeling that moon crystal power! AvailableĀ in both Luna and Artemis, these adjustable snapbacksĀ come with soft furry ears and a little wee tail on the back!

    $13.50 Check it out!
  • Sailor Moon Hand Towels

    Sailor Moon Hand Towels Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    In the name of the moon, I will dry you! Give yourĀ favorite Scout a salute as you dry off with these Sailor Moon embroidered hand towels. These bathroom accessories are made from 100%Ā cotton and can createĀ the ideal housewarming gift.

    $14.00 Check it out!
  • Sailor Moon Coffee Cup Cozy

    Sailor Moon Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Leave it toĀ Sailor Moon to help keep your coffeeĀ insulated and hands protectedĀ from hot beverages. This hand knit cozy comes in a charming crochetĀ design and will fit snug overĀ any standard sized coffee house cup.

    $15.00 Check it out!
  • Chibi Character Jars

    Chibi Jars Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    TheseĀ adorableĀ jarsĀ feature the cuteĀ chibified characters accompanied with a wooden spoon and a cork to keep items just where you want them.Ā They’re capable ofĀ storing almost anythingĀ andĀ areĀ great for littleĀ knickknacks.

    $14.99 Check it out!