20+ Legendary Digimon Merch & Gift Ideas

Digimon Merch and Gift Ideas

Kick off on an adventure with an array of Digimon merch that celebrate the captivating world of digital monsters. Whether you’re a longtime DigiDestined or shopping for someone who cherishes the memories of the Digital World, this collection has a treasure trove of delightful gifts. 

Explore a digi-licious array of Digimon merchandise that showcases products featuring iconic characters and symbols from the Digital World. From stylish apparel to accessories adorned with iconic Digivolution symbols, our collection lets fans showcase their love for the anime series.

  • Digimon Pins

    Digimon Pins

    Express your inner DigiDestined to others around you with these custom made pins! Ideal to attach to you hat or bag, these high quality enamel pins come in all your favorite Digital Monsters from Digimon Adventure.

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  • Digimon Christmas Ornaments

    Digimon Christmas Ornaments

    True Digimon fans should decorate their Christmas tree like a DigiDestined! These glass ornaments are hand painted with the symbol of all the Digimon crests. You can purchase them separately or as a complete set,

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  • Squishable Digimon Plushies

    Squishable Digimon Plushies

    These Digimon plushies are a bundle of fuzzy energy ready for adventure! These soft and squishable plush toys are less suited for battle and more suited for cuddling. With enough love and training they may even evolve!

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  • Digimon Digivice USB Drive

    Digimon USB Drive

    This isn’t your everyday Digivice, inside is USB flash drive! This awesome Digivice replica creates a very convenient way for any Digidestined to carry around all their data needs. Available in a range of colors and either 32GB or 64GB.

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  • Digimon Dog Tags

    Digimon Dog Tags

    Look like a DigiDestined even when not in the Digital World with a custom made dog tag! These aluminium tags are engraved with a symbol of your favorite crest, with the option to include initials, favorite quote or special message on the back.

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  • Digimon PC Cushion

    Digimon Agumon PC Cushion

    Give your wrists a rest while typing away at your desk with this adorable Agumon PC cushion! This Digimon also doubles up as a cuddly plush too! Just remove Agumon’s keyboard and give him a squeeze every time you need an energy recharge.

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  • Digimon Wall Sculpture

    Digimon Trophy Wall Sculpture

    Show off your legendary Digimon hunting skills with this epic Megalogrowmon trophy wall sculpture. This 3D printed model has been secured to a tree slice that’s wall mountable, allowing you to impress any Digital Tamer who may enter your home.

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  • Digimon Felt Charms

    Digimon Felt Charms

    Everybody is always talking about Pokemon, but what happened to the charismatic and lovely creatures from the Digital World? These felt charms are joined with a strap to be hung anywhere for a cute way to show your love for Digimon!

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  • Digimon T-Shirts

    Digimon Adventure Crest T-Shirts

    What better way is there to show everyone you’re a fan of Digital Monsters than with a crest t-shirt! Comfortable and casual, these shirts each feature a DigiDestined character virtue printed on the front that will quickly become one of your favorites.

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  • Digimon Holy Ring

    Digimon Holy Ring

    Show off your love for the Digital Monsters while staying fashionable at all times with a Digimon Holy Ring! Can be worn on the finger or ordered with a chain to be worn as a necklace, these rings are each inscribed with the DigiCode.

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  • Digimon Keychain

    Digimon Keychains

    Never wonder again where you left your keys with these super-cute Digimon keychains! Choose from some of your favorite Digimon characters and bring a little piece of the Digital World along with you wherever you go.

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  • Light-Up Digimon Sculpture Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Light-Up Digimon Sculpture

    Decorate your room like a true Digimon Tamer would with a light up Digital Monster sculpture. This lamp has been expertly crafted to resemble Garurumon, but custom orders can also be made for any Digimon your display shelf desires.

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