Ouran High


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  • Ouran High School Host Club Senpai Candle

    Ouran High Senpai Candle

    Surprise anime loving guests with a special Ouran High School Host Club inspired candle. This amazing senpai soy candle has a sweet strawberry cheesecake fragrance that is pure heaven, a real Host Club treat!

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  • Ouran High School Host Club Pillow

    Ouran High Pillows

    No longer do you need to attend an elite academy for the immensely rich to enjoy tea and cake with the Host Club. When you’re not swooning over your crush, these decorative plushies can become a comfy pillow or a soft cuddle buddy.

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  • Ouran High Tank Top

    Inspired by the school uniforms, this sailor-style tank has an ombre purple rose effect that starts lavender at the hem and fades to white as it travels up the shirt. The neck design is styled after the boys’ ties, and the pocket has the familiar Ouran Host Club crest.

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  • Ouran High School Host Club Bun-Bun Plush Bag Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Ouran High Bun-Bun Backpack

    Honey’s favorite possession can now be used as an adorable and fully functional backpack! Not only can you carry all your gear and gadgets in Bun-Bun, but he also doubles up as a soft and snuggly plush toy to cuddle!

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