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  • Naruto Pet Costume

    Naruto Pet Costume

    Is your furry friend secretly training in the arts of stealth and cuteness? This pawsome costume looks just like the jacket worn by Naruto. Transform your pet into a true four-legged shinobi ninja sensation!

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  • Naruto Akatsuki Gi

    Naruto Akatsuki Gi Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    You’ll have a hard time finding an opponent in your Martial Arts class brave enough to fight you while wearing this Akatsuki Gi. May also cause Mangekyo Sharingan to present itself should you happen to submit your best friend.

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  • Naruto Gaara Gourd Bag

    Naruto Gaara Gourd Bag

    Now Naruto fans can finally enjoy a practical representation of Gaara’s chakra-infused gourd! Unlike Gaara’s gourd, which is made of sand and can be broken down, this bag is durable enough to withstand everyday use and carry all your stuff.

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  • Naruto Yahtzee

    Naruto Yahtzee

    Join your favorite ninja from Naruto Shippuden with a fun dice game of Yahtzee! Roll the dice to victory right out of a custom ramen bowl dice cup. The dice features the ingredients of his cherished Miso Chashu Pork soup.

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  • Naruto Shippuden Bowl Set

    Naruto Shippuden Bowl Set

    Even ninjas need to eat after a long day of training! Join your favorite characters from the Naruto series the next time you eat ramen noodles with this decorative bowl set. Ready to defend your delicious bowl of noodles!

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  • Naruto Shippuden Track Jacket

    Naruto Shippuden Track Jacket

    You don’t need to train with Jiraiya if you want to look as cool as Naruto! This full-zip track jacket sports the Uzumaki Clan symbol on the back, creating the illusion you’ve just walked right out of Naruto Shippuden!

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  • Naruto Headband Set

    Naruto Cosplay Headband Set

    Cosplay as your favorite anime ninja in style with this Naruto headband set! This cosplay set includes four extra metal plates that can be swapped out to your liking. The perfect gift idea for the Naruto fan in your life!

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  • Naruto Rice Cooker

    Naruto Rice Cooker

    Share a meal with your favorite ninja, Naruto! Serve up your favorite rice dishes for the village in this Naruto Shippuden rice cooker. It makes your time in the kitchen efficient and convenient, so you can spend more time watching anime!

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  • Naruto Wiggle Air Freshener

    Naruto Car Air Freshener

    Enjoy the intoxicating aroma of Hokage while you drive with a Naruto car air freshener! Hang this citrus-scented Naruto air freshener up in your car and watch him wiggle as he prepares his famous Shadow Clone technique!

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  • Naruto Akatsuki Bathrobe

    Naruto Akatsuki Robe

    You don’t have to be a ninja prodigy like Itachi Uchiha to wear this bathrobe! This comfy fleece robe is ideal to use when you’re done swimming, showering or just to hang around the house. It even comes with a headband on the hood!

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  • Naruto Sharingan Bath Bombs

    Naruto Sharingan Bath Bombs

    You don’t have to be a ninja prodigy to bathe like one! Add the perfect geeky touch to your bathing routine with these handmade Naruto bath bombs. Once placed in water they disperse and bubble in a vibrant display of colors!

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  • Naruto Akatsuki Neon Sign

    Naruto Akatsuki Neon Sign

    Set up your home or bedroom apart from the rest by giving it an anime-style night club scene with this Naruto Akatsuki neon sign. The Red Cloud logo can be hung up on any wall with options to have it ordered in different sizes and colors.

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  • Naruto Akatsuki Cloud Umbrella

    This Naruto umbrella protects you from the rain, but you’ll have to join the Akatsuki first! Perfect for keeping in the car, in the office, or for taking on the go. Not to be confused with the rain of justice that’s about to fall upon your enemies.

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  • Naruto Resin Coasters

    Naruto Resin Coasters

    Keep your coffee table protected from stains and scratches with these custom Naruto coasters! These Naruto inspired drink coasters are made from collectable cards set in resin and glitter. Perfect for protecting your furniture from careless ninjas.

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  • Kurama Kigurumi

    Naruto Kurama Kigurumi

    Look just as powerful and intimidating as the Kurama from Naruto! This handmade kigurumi has perfectly captured the nine-tailed beast, right down to his intimidating expression, red eyes and nine tails on the back.

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  • Naruto Monopoly

    Naruto Monopoly

    Train to become an invincible shinobi in this version of Naruto Monopoly! Buy, sell, and trade properties named after top ninjas. Pick up training and mission cards to develop skills while you use one of six collectible tokens to dominate the board.

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