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  • Pokemon Soap

    Pokemon Soap

    Now you can finally get your kids excited about cleaning their filthy hands! Wash away germs with soap in the shape of a fully 3D Pokemon figure. The perfect way to get any Pokemon Trainer at home to wash their hands more often!

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  • Kirby Makeup Palette

    Kirby Makeup Palette

    Spice up your makeup collection with Kirby! This Kirby eyeshadow palette is inspired by everybody’s favorite Pink video game character. With this kit you will be able to transform yourself to look just as adorable as Kirby!

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  • Anime Beauty Face Masks

    Anime Beauty Face Masks

    Give your skin a boost while dressed up as your favorite anime characters! These skin care cosmetic packs captures all the unique details of famous characters and will make the perfect addition to your beauty routine.

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