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  • Bonsai Grow Kit

    Bonsai Grow Kit

    Bonsai in a can! Enjoy all the spiritual benefits of nurturing your own miniature tree while learning the virtues of penitence and wabi-sabi with the Brilliant Bonsai Grow Kit. Just add water and zen. Perfect gift for some mindful home gardening.

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  • Custom Metal Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Cards

    Metal Yu-Gi-Oh Credit Cards

    Introducing the ultimate duelist’s accessory: metal engraved Yu-Gi-Oh credit cards! Summon your purchasing power at lightning speed when you show your dedication to the game and your status as a true master of the art of spending.

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  • Zelda Navi Necklace and Earrings Set

    Navi Necklace & Earrings Set

    This Navi necklace and earring set is the perfect accessory for any hero on their quest to save Hyrule! Just the trusty fairy companion, these delicate pieces will guide you through your adventures and help you conquer any challenge.

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  • Dragon Ball Dice Set

    Dragon Ball Dice Set

    Get ready to roll with the power of the Dragon Balls on your next tabletop adventure with this epic dice set! Whether you’re fighting off Frieza or exploring the galaxy, these dice will give you the edge you need to come out on top.

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  • The Rock Pokemon Figures

    The Rock Pokemon Figures

    Add some muscle to your display shelf with these hilarious Pokemon figures featuring the iconic face of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! A unique piece of memorabilia for fans of the Rock and the world of Pokemon.

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  • Legend of Zelda Master Sword Pen Stand

    Zelda Master Sword Pen Stand

    Are you worthy to lift the pen sword off the stone? Find out by yourself with this Master Sword pen holder! This 3D print is touched up with gold acrylic paint for the perfect desk decoration for geeky Legend of Zelda fans.

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  • Mario Kart Tournament Placement Medals

    Mario Kart Placement Medals

    These medals will make sure any competitor at your next Mario Kart night will feel like a champion! Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just starting out, these medals are a must-have for any Mario Kart tournament.

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  • Llama Pocket Warmer

    Llama Pocket Warmer

    This fluffy little friend is the perfect companion for any cold adventure, whether you’re braving the great outdoors or just trying to survive a chilly office. Simply pop him in the microwave for instant extremity defrosting.

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  • Pokemon Alien Xenomorph Pikachu

    Alien Xenomorph Pikachu

    This is what you get when you leave a Pikachu at the Pokemon Daycare with an xenomorph… This fearsome creature is an incredible mashup with sci-fi’s most feared alien and everybody’s favorite electric rodent.

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  • Zelda Master Sword Earrings

    Zelda Master Sword Earrings

    Whatever timeless battles against evil you fight now, it’s dangerous to go alone! Take these Zelda inspired sword earrings imbued with the sages power and they may help you on your hero’s journey. Equip them and find the courage you did not expect!

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  • Sailor Moon Luna Kitchen Timer

    You can now have your own guardian cat to follow you around in the kitchen! Modeled after Luna from Sailor Moon, this egg timer will help you with all your baking and cooking needs. Bring a little bit of Sailor Moon magic into your kitchen!

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  • Pokemon Pokeball Humidifier

    Pokemon Pokeball Humidifier

    Level up your indoor air quality game with this Pokeball humidifier! Designed to look like a classic Pokeball, this humidifier delivers a fine mist of soothing moisture to keep your space feeling fresh and comfortable.

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