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  • Naruto Squeaky Dog Toys

    Naruto Squeaky Dog Toys

    If your furry friend is as big of a Naruto fan as you are then they will want to carry these toys everywhere! These dog toys feature designs from the Naruto series and instead of being powered by chakra, these plushies are stuffed with squeakers inside.

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  • Fruit Tart Pet Bed

    Fruit Tart Pet Bed

    Turn your cat or dog into a napping dessert with this fruit tart pet bed! The ideal size for any kitty or small dog, this deliciously adorable bed comes with colorful plush pillows that are in the shape of different types of fruit.

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  • Pokemon Ivysaur Dog Costume

    Ivysaur Dog Costume

    Experience the joy of owning a real life Pokemon by turning your little furball into Ivysaur! This Pokemon dog cosplay is made from hand lightweight EVA craft foam and features LED lights in the bulb to create an awesome glowing effect.

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  • Pokemon Pokeball Dog Backpack

    Pokemon Pokeball Dog Backpack

    Now geeky pet owners can make their dogs carry their own treats and poop bags in style! Catering to dogs of all breeds and sizes, this Pokeball backpack is the ideal every day costume for your pet on walks to the beach or park.

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  • Sushi Dog Costume

    Sushi Dog Costume

    Turn any little fur ball into a walking, four-legged piece of nigiri! Your dog will look cute enough to eat with chopsticks once they’re dressed up in this hilarious sushi costume. Available in many different sizes to fit any pet.

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  • My Neighbor Totoro Dog Bed

    Totoro Dog Bed

    You’re not the only one at home who can enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a Totoro shaped bed! The lovable forest spirit will keep your furry roommate snug and warm as they drift softly to sleep, dreaming of burying bones and chasing soot sprites.

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  • Attack On Titan Survey Corps Dog Cloak Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Survey Corps Dog Cloak

    Always keep your furry friend close by during expedition missions beyond the wall by having them become an official Survey Corps member! This pet cosplay includes a hooded cloak with the Wings Of Freedom insignia printed on the back.

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  • Naruto Dog Costume Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Naruto Dog Costume

    Your dog doesn’t have to train with Jiraiya to look just like Naruto Uzumaki. This doggy jacket has all the notable characteristics of Naruto’s outfit, including a zipper in the front and the Uzumaki Clan symbol.

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  • Super Mario Dog Collar Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Super Mario Dog Collar

    The Super Mario dog collar will give your furry friend a 1-up on all the other canines at the dog park. Choose between a plastic or silver buckle with the option to upgrade and have pet details engraved for an even more unique look!

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  • Dog Cosplay Outfits Dragon Ball Z One Piece Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Dog Cosplay Outfits

    No longer will those solo trips to conventions ever feel so lonely again! With your loyal dog dressing up alongside with you, you’ll be creating a cosplay team with your furry best friend to out-do all others this year!

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  • Luffy Dog Outfit One Piece Cosplay Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    One Piece Luffy Dog Outfit

    Let’s turn your beloved pet into your favorite anime character! Your dog can now cosplay along with you at your next convention with this the adorable Luffy One Piece outfit specially designed to be fitted to dogs of all sizes!

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