Nerdy Candles

Create a geeky and romantic atmosphere in your home or give a gift to a friend! This category features candles, candle holders, oil burners and lanterns! Nerdy candles and accessories inspired by your favorite anime and Nintendo characters.


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  • Legend Of Zelda Lon Lon Ranch Candles

    Lon Lon Ranch Candles

    Are you in desperate need of a few extra hearts to boost your day? These hand made Legend of Zelda candles are inspired by fresh Lon Lon Milk – creamy milk, mixed with either a scent of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate!

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  • Chonky Cat Candle

    Chonky Cat Candle

    This absolute chonker of a cat is in candle form! These grumpy looking cat candles are made with all natural soy and bees wax. Makes a unique gift for any cat fan and are available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances.

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  • Ramen Noodles Candle

    Ramen Noodles Candle

    What better way to celebrate your love of the staple than with a flaming display of ramen noodles! This fully accurate reproduction of ramen comes complete with a miniature set of chopstick and includes a genuine pottery bowl.

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  • Legend Of Zelda Lon Lon Milk Candle

    Lon Lon Milk Candle

    This Lon Lon Milk candle will come in handy for when you need a couple more hearts to boost your day. Comes in a vanilla scent, this Legend of Zelda inspired candle will burn for hours and does not need the use of an ocarina to obtain.

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  • Charmander Candle Holder

    Charmander Candle Holder

    Brighten up your room just like a true Pokemon Master would with the Charmander candle holder! The cleverly designed ceramic figure allows you to place a small candle at the end of Charmander’s tail that acts as his flame!

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  • Kameyama Lotus Incense and Candle Set

    Lotus Incense & Candle Set

    This Buddhist symbolic flower pack contains three beautiful lotus candles and three boxes of scented incense sticks, perfect to have on while meditating! The set contains a glass holder for the candles that’s also shaped like a lotus flower.

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  • Ouran High School Host Club Senpai Candle

    Ouran High Senpai Candle

    Surprise anime loving guests with a special Ouran High School Host Club inspired candle. This amazing senpai soy candle has a sweet strawberry cheesecake fragrance that is pure heaven, a real Host Club treat!

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  • Pokemon Litwick LED Candle Light

    Litwick LED Candle Light

    Litwick makes a super cute ambient light for any Pokemon fan! This 3D printed candlelight holds a plastic led candlelight, perfect for any bedside table or study desk. The flickering LED candle light is also included.

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  • Soot Sprite Candle Holder

    Soot Sprite Candle Holder

    Decorate any corner of your home with one of these adorable Soot Sprite candle holders. Each soot is 100% handmade from clay and features a either a stone or star that will fit any standard tea light candle.

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  • Sushi Candles

    Sushi Candles

    Surprise a special sushi loving someone, yourself included, with this beautiful set of sushi candles. These superbly crafted candles candle look just as good as the real thing and will burn for hours. The perfect touch to any sushi date!

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  • Japanese Pagoda Lantern

    Japanese Pagoda Lantern

    This lantern is inspired by beautiful Japanese architecture! It holds a little tea light candle casting incredible shadows and giving a stylish, clean, modern look to your room. This DIY kit is laser cut out of birch wood.

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  • Hatching Virtual Pet Candle

    Hatching Virtual Pet Candle

    We miss the highs and lows of a virtual pet, but this candle version is just a little bit more grown up and zen. Plus, you can’t set a real virtual pet on fire. This candle burns neatly and evenly to reveal an adorable figurine of a virtual pet character.

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