30+ Epic Avatar Merch & Gift Ideas

Avatar the last airbender Merch & Gift Ideas​

A sanctuary for fans of the epic world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. In this carefully curated collection, browse Avatar merchandise and gifts that celebrate the magic, adventure, and rich storytelling of this beloved animated series. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or looking for the perfect gift for someone who appreciates the beauty of bending and the power of the elements, this collection of merch offers something for everyone.

Explore a vast array of Avatar products that showcases iconic characters, bending abilities, and elements. From stylish apparel featuring Aang, Appa and the crew, elemental symbols and accessories adorned with symbols from the Four Nations. Balance and harmony await!

  • Avatar Jasmine Dragon Tea Set

    Avatar Jasmine Dragon Tea Set

    Bring the best tea in Ba Sing Se to your own home! This teapot and cup set is inspired by Uncle Iroh’s tea shop, The Jasmine Dragon from the Avatar The Last Airbender. Uncle Iroh sits peacefully with some gorgeous flowers in a graphic on the pot.

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  • Anime Ugly Christmas Sweaters

    Anime Christmas Sweaters

    Go beyond Super Saiyan or Plus Ultra this holiday season with these anime ugly Christmas sweaters! Snuggle up with your favorite characters at your Christmas party with these festive sweaters. Any one of these makes a great gift for anime fans!

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  • Avatar Coasters

    Avatar Coasters

    Master the art of leaving stain free surfaces! Show off your love for the Avatar series and ring free tables with this set of custom drinking coasters. Each coaster features one of the four elements with a bonus White Lotus tile!

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  • Avatar Appa Bucket Hat

    Avatar Appa Bucket Hat

    Channel your inner Airbender when you don this cool Appa bucket hat! Handmade from fluffy and soft fabric, this hat is designed to fit with everyday outfits and features Appa’s brown arrow across the top. Yip yip!

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  • Avatar Appa Kigurumi

    Avatar Appa Kigurumi

    Avatar fans can now help repopulate the world with flying bison once again when they’re wearing an Appa kigurumi. This warm and cozy Appa outfit is hand made from warm, anti-pilling fleece that even includes a hood with horns and a tail. Yip yip!

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  • Avatar My Other Ride Is A Sky Bison License Plate Frame

    Avatar License Plate Frame

    To get to where you’re going, sometimes you have to settle for a plain old car. Now you can let everyone know you’d prefer to take a flying bison with this license plate frame! Features Air Nomad details, airbending symbols, Appa, and clouds.

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  • Avatar Cabbages Dog Bowl

    Avatar Cabbages Dog Bowl

    Ah, the cabbage man is reunited with his beloved cabbages at last… just like your dog is with its food! This dog bowl features a removable stainless steel bowl and a non-slip grip. Perfect for doggos of Avatar fans!

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  • Avatar The Last Airbender Katara Necklace

    Katara’s Necklace

    There is no better gift for the aspiring water bender than a replica of Katara’s necklace! This unique accessory is hand sculptured and varnished with a thin layer of blue metallic pigments, giving it a mysterious shimmer and antique-look.

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  • Avatar Mitts

    Avatar Mitts Crochet Patterns

    Whether you wish to look like Avatar Aang or Meelo the noisy fart-bender, these mitts will transform you into the Airbender you wish to be! Stylish, cute, if you love to crochet you’ll be able to master the air element in a pair of cozy mittens.

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  • Avatar State Laptop Decal

    Avatar State Laptop Decal

    Send your Mac into the Avatar State and cure you post series depression with this cool laptop decal! This one sized vinyl sticker can fit perfectly over most MacBook Apple logos, creating Aang to light up once switched on.

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  • Avatar Bracelets

    Avatar Bracelets & Pins

    Show off which nation you’d belong to if you were born in the Avatar world! These bracelets come with an adjustable strap. or you can order one as a pin. You can choose from either nation symbols or white lotus tiles.

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  • Avatar Appa Piggy Bank Shut Up And Take My Yen : Anime & Gaming Merchandise

    Appa Piggy Bank

    Save all your hard earned cash in this flying bison bank! This ceramic piggy bank is designed in the likeness of the rare animal guide everyone loves from the Avatar series. Includes a rubber cork and custom orders are also available.

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