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A collection of the latest Demon Slayer gifts and merchandise you can buy online! Includes products such as t-shirts, cosplay and gear inspired by your favorite anime characters.


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  • Demon Slayer Shot Glass Set

    Demon Slayer Shot Glass Set

    Relax after your breathing technique practice or celebrate the newest episode release for Demon Slayer with a drink! This shot glass set offers up a fun way to relax and celebrate with a four piece set featuring character on matching colored shot glasses.

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  • Demon Slayer Sushi Train

    Demon Slayer Sushi Train

    This sushi train brings you all the fun of a conveyor belt sushi restaurant in your own home, plus the fun of riding on the Mugen Train from the Demon Slayer film! Tanjiro Kamado stand on the roof, sword in hand and ready to fight demons!

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  • Demon Slayer Pop-Up Game

    Demon Slayer Pop-Up Game

    This Demon Slayer game is the same as with all Pop-Up Pirate variations! The classic game features a barrel on which a Nezuko Kamado doll stands, players must take turns inserting swords hoping they won’t get the slot that sends her flying in the air!

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  • Demon Slayer Sword Katana

    Demon Slayer Sword

    Recreate all those incredible sword fights from Demon Slayer with this replica katana! This high quality prop perfectly replicates the blade wielded by Rengoku Kyojuro and features the theme song from the movie and over 60 sound effects.

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  • Demon Slayer Cat Costumes

    Demon Slayer Cat Costumes

    Take your adorable cat photoshoots to the next level when you dress them up as your favorite Demon Slayer characters! These cat-sized shirts are perfect for Demon Slayer fans who love dressing up their kitties!

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  • Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

    Demon Slayer Tamagotchi

    The Japanese toy maker Bandai have released new line of virtual pets based on the anime series Demon Slayer. The new Tamagotchis toys will be available in three distinctive colorways, mirroring three of the series’ main characters.

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  • Demon Slayer Inosuke Coin Bank

    Demon Slayer Inosuke Coin Bank

    Inosuke has turned into a piggy bank! Start saving by dropping your coins through a slot on his snout. This Demon Slayer piggy bank is sure to be a huge hit as a decoration for your home so he makes the perfect addition to your collection.

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